Good News From the Visual Arts Department

Jenean Randall (grade 10), Savannah Schaefer-Barnwell or Juliette Vold (both grade 12)….which one will it be? The Marion County Recycled Art Calendar judging panel has chosen artwork for their 2018 Calendar and we have three winners, one of which is the grand prize winner. That means one of these outstanding young Sprague artists will receive a $100 gift card. The other two winners will receive a $50 gift card and Connie Toland will receive a $500 gift card for classroom use. All three will be featured in the calendar with the grand prize winner on the cover. This is the third year in a row that we have won the top prize in this competition. Art teacher Connie Toland and our three students will attend the award presentation at a televised board session of the Marion County Commissioners on December 13th.

This year’s theme was “Repair & Reuse”. Students were encouraged to consider ways that they could reduce waste and minimize consumption by repairing and reusing items instead of replacing. From an environmental perspective reducing the amount of things that we consume in the first place is the best way to help the earth. That’s because it takes a lot of energy and natural resources to produce the things that we use. In fact, the vast majority of most products’ environmental impact happens when the products are manufactured, not when they are used or discarded. So reusing what we have is one of the best ways to help keep our planet healthy. Some examples of items students can repair and reuse include flat bicycle tires, ripped jeans, torn backpacks and even broken binders. The competition invited students to look for creative ways that kids can help reduce waste at home and school.

Marion County Recycled Art Calender 2018 Winners

Jenean Randall
Juliette Vold
Savannah Schaefer-Barnwell

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, three of our Sprague visual art students applied, interviewed and were accepted, for the Salem Art Association’s 2017-2018 High School Art Mentorship Program. Juniors McKenzie Duke and Julie Johnson, and senior Emma Decker (who has been chosen for the program for a second time), will serve a year of internship/mentorship which will include working with a professional artist and creating a body of work which will be presented in the spring in a public art show and reception gala. In their year with SAA, they will learn about professional museum and gallery work and fulfill volunteer hours at Salem Art Association. Congratulations to our three interns!

SAA Interns

Emma Decker
Julie Johnson
McKenzie Duke


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