Turn Around Student

Congratulations Zion Barthully

Zion Barthuly

Turn Around Award

Each year we have the opportunity to recognize a senior who has demonstrated effort, commitment, and perseverance in turning their lives around in academics, behavior and/or attitude throughout their high school careers at the district-wide Turn Around Achievement Awards.

The Staff at Sprague have selected Zion Barthuly as Sprague’s Turn Around Student, and look forward to celebrating her accomplishment at this year’s awards ceremony in May.

Zion has overcome obstacles throughout her high school career and made positive changes in her life that have contributed to her success as a student who will graduate in June ready to study psychology in college.

Congratulations, Zion! The staff at Sprague are very excited to celebrate your success as this year's Turn Around Achievement Award winner for Sprague High School!


  • Created By Sam Lee -- 4/17/2018

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