Sprague Equity Statement

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Sprague families,

I want to share with you all some work that we as a Sprague staff have been working on for this year. We’ve recognized the need for a unified message around equity and here’s what our staff (with some student input) as come up with as a Sprague Equity Statement:

“We are committed to meeting the diverse needs of all members of our community, seeing and valuing the ideals, hopes, and dreams of our students, while maximizing access to all social and school opportunities, and creating a culture and community that enables individual students to find academic and personal success.”

I’m personally very excited about this statement. I’m asking our community to hold Sprague High School accountable to the ideals listed in this statement. As a public high school, to acknowledge that we are a diverse community with many strengths, untapped potential from our community leaders and a powerful group of adults committed to seeing our students succeed gives me hope for a better future. Our staff will be going through many professional development trainings around the concept of equity and inclusion. We will be reviewing our own personal histories and influences, including looking for bias in how we see the world. We will be reviewing our systems at Sprague and how they assist or deter us in our equity work. We will also spend time looking at our instructional practices and classroom teaching set-ups to see if these align with our equity statement as well. The process of reviewing our systems will be an ongoing work, one I hope will include the voices of our families and students as we come back into the school when this pandemic is over.

Principal, Chad Barkes

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