PSAT January 26, 2021


PSAT @ Sprague HS

Greetings Families,

We look forward to hosting you on January 26, 2021 for the PSAT/NMSQT, at Sprague High School.

To ensure you are both well prepared and provided with a safe testing environment, please review the information below. There will be many changes in our testing protocols this year due to the COVID-19 guidelines that we anticipate being in place on the day of the test.

    To prepare for a safe and secure testing environment, the following provisions have been made:
  • Entrances: Multiple entrances to the school building may be used, to ensure students enter with only the students in their cohort, and will remain with that cohort for the duration of their time on campus. More details this issue is forthcoming.
  • Cleaning: Classrooms will be cleaned and set up, according to ODE/OHA and College Board's requirements for testing. Strict rules will be in place to ensure a secure testing environment and that all health guidelines are followed.
  • Limited Movement: Movement in the classroom and throughout the building will be limited, to ensure physical distancing. Students will be expected to remain in their seat while in the classroom. Please come prepared (e.g. sharpened pencils, filled water bottles).
  • Personal Protection Equipment: Hand sanitizer and additional face coverings will be available for students, if needed.
  • Transportation: Bussing is available for bus-eligible students. If you have any questions about transportation, please contact the school. If you have requested bussing, the Transportation Department will call you with information about pick up time & location.
    To prepare for the day of the test, plan for the following:
  • Arrival Times & Locations: You will be assigned a start time and entry location to ensure cohorting. Arriving late to a test may cause you to miss your opportunity to test. If you miss the test for any reason, your payment will automatically be refunded. If possible, please contact your school prior to the day of the test.
  • Campus Access: Students will stay in cohorts throughout the day, limiting the number of students and staff that you come in contact with. Walking around the school or using a bathroom other than the one assigned to your cohort is not allowed. It will be extremely important that you follow the directions of the staff.
  • Masks: Must be worn prior to entering the building, as well as for the duration of the time in the building. Masks may be removed briefly for eating/drinking during breaks.
  • Physical Distancing: When in the school building, students must maintain 6’ spacing between themselves and others (hallways, bathrooms, on breaks). During the test, students will be seated at least 6’ from one another. Staff will maintain the 6’ distancing except for when performing testing administration tasks (e.g. test distribution, …) When in the restroom please continue to use physical distancing from peers and wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Attendance: Attendance will be tracked, and anytime students enter or exit the building, you must check in and out. This will be done by your test proctors. Friends and family are not allowed in the building on test day.
    To prepare for PSAT testing:
  • Study: Use the study guide to prepare for the test.
  • Stay Home if Sick: If students feel unwell, review the guidelines for deciding whether you should attend. If you are sick on the day of the test, do not come to take the test. This is extremely important to ensure the health of other students and staff. If a student exhibits signs of illness, individuals will wait in a separate room until transportation can be arranged.
  • What to Bring (no items can be shared):
    • Photo ID (government issued or most recent school ID card)
    • Multiple, sharpened #2 pencils
    • Filled water bottle (water fountains are not available)
    • Snack to eat outside of the testing room during a break
    • College Board-approved calculator (extras will not be available on test day); phones or smart devices cannot be used for a calculator.
    • Optional: Extra mask
  • What NOT to Bring:
    • Smart watches
    • Devices with alarms, or audible notifications
    • Drinks other than water
    • Any unneeded personal items; space is limited
  • Cell Phones: Phones will be collected before testing begins. You will not be able to use a cell phone for any reason during testing and breaks.
  • Check for Communication: Check your email regularly for updates and notifications of any changes. Please reach out to your school contact if you have any questions or changes.
  • Communicate with Teachers: It is your responsibility to communicate to your teachers any missing lessons or assignments on test day. You will not be excused from assignments that you miss due to testing.

If you have any questions, please contact Mickey Toft, Assistant Principal @ 503-399-3261

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