Inclement Weather Info

Should it be necessary to close school or delay the opening time, information will be given to local radio and TV stations after 5:30 AM. Stations notified if schools are to be closed or delayed include:


KBZY 1440 AM KWIP 880 AM KSGO 1520 AM  
KYKN 1430 AM KWJJ 1080 AM KWRC 940 AM  
KSLM 1390 AM KWJJ 99.5 FM KATU-TV ABC (2)  
KXYI 105 FM KCCS 1220 AM KOIN-TV CBS (6)  
KGW 620 AM KEX 1190 AM KGW-TV NBC (8)  
KXL 750 AM KCNR 1410 AM KPTV-TV FOX (12)  
KXL 95.5 FM KKLI 106.3 FM      


The information can also be found in the district website in the following link:

School Closure/Delay Information

Two hour delay schedule

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