The Business Operations & Management Class

To work in the Oly Lounge students are required to be in the Business Operations & Management course. Business Operations program is designed to prepare students with the tools to manage a business. Students will be responsible for the Oly Lounge, which includes Olympus Coffee and the Olympus Apparel. This course also includes units of study in marketing, employee management, financial management, supply chain and inventory actives, ethical business practices, and customer service. Students will be trained as a barista and in cash handling. The purpose of this class is to give students work experience and real life skills to enter the workforce, and to create a fun, hands on learning environment at Sprague. Please consider signing up if you are interested!

What Working at the Oly Lounge is Like

Working at the Oly Lounge is a very fun, positive, and rewarding experience. It allows students to apply knowledge they have learned in class to a real world setting. Students can work different jobs at the Oly Lounge like a drink maker. Overall definitely worth checking out if you're interested in a career in business!

How to Join

To join Business Operations, you need to have taken an entry level business course (Intro to Business, Marketing I, or Tech in the Workplace) and sign up with your counselor. For further questions, contact Ms. Fields: