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Middle Ages:

Around the year 1000
Early Human Beings
Moving toward Chritianity
The Crusades

Renaissance and Science:

The New Monarchs
The Northern Renaissance
The Italian Renaissance
Europeaon Exploration Conquest


Catholic Counter Reformation
English Reformation
French Religious War
Philip and Elizabeth
The Reformation
The Reformation Part II
The Thirty Years War

17th Century Dutch English:

The English Civil War
The Golden Age of the Dutch
The Restoration


Louis XIV the Grand Monarch
Louis XV Comes of Age
Sweden and Russia after the Thirty Years War
Three Aging Empires
War of Spanish Succession

Madame de Pompadour
The Age of Enlightenment
The Enlightened Despots
Where in the world is the world

Britian and France 1750-1789:

Britain after the Seven Years War
The Seven Years War

French Revolution and Napoleon:
Pictorial Highlights from the Life of Napoleon
The Arts in the Age of Napoleon 1800-1815
The Congress of Vienna

Industrial Revolution:

Images from the Industrial Revolution
The Age of 'isms

Romance, Revolutions, Unification:

Crimean War
Napoleon III the Quest for Glory
Realism, Positivism, Marxism and Materialism


Brief Images of Imperialism
Images of the Decaying Austrian Empire
Napoleon III went into Exile in 1871
The Civilized World in later 19th Century Europe
Unification of Italy
Unification of Germany


Assassinations Anyone?
The Rape of Nanking
The Russian Revolution
The Spanish Civil War
Willy, Nicky, and Georgie
World War I Propaganda Posters
After the Devastation of World War I
Keynes AP EURO
The revolution of 1905
The Revolution of 1917

Cold War:

Cold War

AP Exam Review:

Art Periods in Modern European History
Important Peace Treaties
Essential Questions for the AP Exam