Assignment Name



Bootstrap Images

Display images on a site

Create a webpage that displays at least 3 images and text about the images. Make it so text wraps around the images.

Seeing Different Content

Hidden/visible divs

Create a webpage that displays an image and some text. When the viewport changes, you should see a different image, different text, and a different layout.

Bootstrap Exploration

New bootstrap

Create a webpage that demonstrates 3 concepts of Boostrap, and use it in a meaningful way.

Javascript Exploration


Create a webpage that displays at least 2 ideas using Javascript.

Website Validation


Create a webpage that addresses some information on website validation.

Teacher Webpages

Client work practice

Create a template webpage for teachers at Sprague High School.

Sprague Oly Lounge Website Design

Client work

Create a website for the Sprague Oly Lounge that fits the research and criterea given by the Oly Lounge team.


This webpage was made for an assignment for my Web Design 2 class at Sprague High School. This page consists of all the projects we worked on as a class within the semester. I hope you enjoy this page, and potentially learn something new if you are a web designer.