Assignment Name Concept Description
Bootstrap Images Display Images on Site Create a webpage that displays at least 3 images and text about the images. Make it so the text wrapes around the images.
Seeing Different Content Hidden/Visible Divs Create a webpage that displays an image and some content. When the viewport changes you can see a different image, different text and different layout.
Bootstrap Exploration Bootstrap Create a webpage that demonstrates 3 concepts of Bootstrap. Go to and see what you can discover. Code it into a webpage in a meaningful way.
Javascript Exploration Javascript Create a webpage that displays at least 2 ideas using Javascript. Make sure to add to you description what the idea is and how it is useful.
Website Validation Validation Create a webpage that addresses some of this information. Remember to site sources and include links on your page.
Teacher Website Template Teacher Website This is a template for a Sprague teacher's website.
Oly Lounge Website Oly Lounge Website This is my version of an Oly Lounge website.

Welcome! I am a student of Sprague High School. I'm in my junior year and my favorite subject is art.