Semester 2 Website


This website will demonstrate various bootstrap things including images, hidden divs, javascript, website validation, and some other Bootstrap concepts.

This website also provides a link to a potential teacher website that can be used as a template and changed as needed for the teacher.

Assignment Concept Description
Bootstrap Images Wrapping text around images This aims to have 3 images that have related text wrapping around them, while remaining resizeable on varying screen sizes
Hidden Divs Hidding content at certain sizes This aims to display content on certain screen sizes, and hide it on other sizes
Bootstrap Demo Demonstrating Bootstrap features This page will demonstrate various features in Bootstrap 4.6, including a toast, an image carousel, and a form
Javascript Exploration Using javascript on a webpage This page will show off some of the various uses Javascript has in web desgin
Website Validation What is validating your website? This webpage will talk about what validation is and why it is important, and whether this webpage reaches the requirments.
Teacher Website A potential website for teachers This website is a template that could be used by a school to provide a custom website for their teachers
Oly Lounge WIP Oly Lounge Work In Progress This website is a canadate for the future Oly Lounge Website