# Assignment Name Concept Description
1 Bootstrap Images Display images on site Create a webpage that displays at least 3 images
2 Seeing Different Content not done Hidden/Visible Divs Create a webpage that displays an image and some content
3 Bootstrap Exploration Bootstrap Create a webpage that demonstrates 3 concepts of bootstrap
4 Javascript Exploration Javascript Create a webpage that displays at least 2 ideas using Javascript
5 Website Validation Validation Create a webpage that adresses some of this infromation.
6 Teacher Website Tearchers webpage Create a webpage that matches a teachers desires and has infromation what that teacher and what they teach.
7 Oly Lounge Oly Lounge Website Create and design a website for the OLY LOUNGE
  • "I, Pancho Villa, was a loyal man that destiny brought the world to fight for the good of the poor and that I will never betray nor forget my duty." - Pancho Villa
  • "Si no hay justicia para el Pueblo Que no haya paz para el Gobierno." (If there is no justice for the people, let there be no peace for the government.) - Emiliano Zapata.