Sprague's Help Page

Master Calendar Help Page.


How to Use The Help Page

Click on the link and the box will drop down displaying the help information. -Geoff

In The News Help

When you're in the page "In the News," to go to a certain month, click on a month in the top menu to jump to it. -Sophy

Teacher Web Pages Help

If your internet browser doesn;t display a scrolling list of the teachers, clicking on "mobile version" will fix it. -Jeremy

Themes/visual appearance

To change the appearance(Theme) of the website simply click on the drop down menu, that says theme, on the top right of the site and pick whichever interests you. You can also click on view more to view all of them. -Zack

Cant find something?

Try using the search bar located in the top-right above the help link. -Geoff

Need to E-mail a teacher?

Click on the 'Teacher Webpages' link on the top left of the page. In addition to having links to all teacher webpages it lists their Email addresses. You may then simply copy and paste them. -Zack

Page created by Geoff Maggi 11/05/10