Salem Fitness: Testimonials

My wife and I have been members of Salem Fitness for about 3 years, since leaving the Court House. Salem Fitness has the greatest staff and the best personal trainer that I have ever met, Joyce Ayers. When we come in to workout we are always greeted with a smile and our names and it feels more like a second home than a fitness center.

We came to Salem Fitness to lose some weight and get back some of the strength we have lost over the years, we are both in our mid 60's. We have both lost weight, average of 20 pounds. We feel like we are back in our 40's with strength and agility thanks to the availability of equipment and the GREATEST trainer Joyce. With the number of group exercises we are never without options for different types of workouts. The facility is always spotless and the equipment is always in great working order, thanks to Michele. All of the members are friendly and seem to be genuinely concerned about how we are doing.


Tom and Lesley McDermott

Before joining Salem Fitness Center (SFC), I was a member of another gym for several years. I have since been a very satisfied customer of SFC for over ten years. The employees at SFC are knowledgeable and professional, as well as friendly and personable.

Knowledgeable trainers are available for extended sessions, or for just a question or two. I look forward each day to my workouts and sharing laughs with them and other members.

Over the years I've made many friends from both groups. Michele, Irina, Joyce and Jennifer are vital parts to making the gym a warm, welcoming and comfortable place to workout. The owner, George Nelson, is an inspiration in his own right as exemplified by his many awards and trophies on display in the gym. He is also available as a trainer.

Equipment in the gym is extensive, varied and well maintained-suitable for use by those at any fitness level. In addition, many classes are held to promote fitness levels for those with various interests (I've been in the Senior Strength class for ten years!) New members are welcomed and made to feel at home by staff and other members. I heartily recommend a visit to the gym! Come in and see for yourself!

Fred Hill

Well, we all know we need to keep our bodies going and doing different activities to help to keep it in shape. One of the challenges is keeping oneself motivated to work out on a regular basis in the gym as well as out of the gym. At Salem Fitness I have found a "family" atmosphere in owner George and Manager Michelle. I have sampled some of their classes and found them to be energizing when I need a change every now and again.

To start myself in learning the proper equipment etiquette, I went to personal trainer Joyce. She gave me some great strength training workouts for my body within the allotted time I had to work with and the proper form that works to maximize each workout. I really liked how she worked with me on my objectives and making them realistic for my body age. I am not getting younger, but working in the office meant that I needed to work out regularly.

It wasn't easy to get up at 5 am to do my workouts with my daughter and/or husband but it works for me. The support of my family and the gym family at Salem Fitness made it so much easier that I have been able to work out regularly all year. By the time I get to work, I am so energized for the day.

Without realizing it, going to Salem Fitness became second nature to me. I still look forward to working out regularly and seem to find motivation through networking with others in the gym. Everyone is so friendly that you don't realize you are socializing as well. Thanks Salem Fitness for making it affordable and giving me a reason to come and workout.

Diane Morris