Yellow Vest Award


Craig Swanson, the newly anointed principal of Charles A Sprague High School in Oregon’s Capitol City of Salem, announced that each Friday of the school year a faculty member will pass on the infamous Yellow Vest to a teacher that “shows the Sprague Spirit in all aspects of their duties as a Sprague faculty member.” Principal Swanson stated that it is his "hope each teacher will recognize one another as a model of the Sprague Heart that I know each of us has inside our soul.” Mr. Swanson indicated that this will be a difficult task for the previously awarded teacher to pass the vest on and that in the event of a tie he will give deference to the individual that “lives to carry the TORCH and wear the ORANGE.”


Winners of the Yellow Vest Award:

Date Winner
04/09Tracy Phipps
04/02Anne Sanders
03/12Diana Alvarez
03/06Kaitlyn Beckham
02/27Danielle Ammon
02/16Graham Dey
02/09Jim O'Connell
02/06Bobby Schueller
01/12Michael Curry
01/05Philip Nickel
12/12Chris Trammell
12/05Bob Terns
11/17Julie Harris
11/09Stefani Atkinson
11/02Jake Helms
10/27Quentin Viegas
10/19Arturo Alfaro
10/12Molly Sorensen
10/05Sarah Hedgepeth
09/22Craig Swanson
09/15Tracy Goranson
09/11Pat Pileggi
09/05Brent Charles


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